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LETSystems in Germany, Tauschringe

Postal Codes 00000 - 09999

  • Tauschring Dresden e.V., D-01067 Dresden
  • ohne moos gehts losTauschring Tauschnetz Elbtal & Umsonstladen Dresden-Prohlis. An dieses Netz sind angeschlossen: Tauschbörse Prohlis, Tauschring Dresden-Johannstadt, Tauschring Dresden-Friedrichstadt, Tauschring Seidnitz-Tolkewitz, Tauschring Meißen, Tauschring Coswig, PIRX-Zeittauschring Pirna/Heidenau, Umsonstladen Prohlis. Tobias Vogler, D-01257 Dresden
  • PIRX Zeittauschring, Selbst- und Nachbarschaftshilfe-Initiative Pirna, D-01809 Heidenau
  • Batzen-Tauschring Leipzig e.V., D-04162 Leipzig

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Regiogeld Initiatives

Regiogeld initiatives are in most cases not LETSystems. However, in recent years blended systems appeared, which try to combine elements of these different concepts with each other.

According to Michael Linton, the fundamental idea of LETS is to use self-created liquidity for stimulating the local exchange of services and goods where the scarcity of legal currency would otherwise hinder such exchange.

In contrast most Regiogeld initiatives are issuing their Regiogeld currency in exchange for Euros. This doesn't create additional liquidity for their participants. Therefore a stimulating effect on neighbourly help probably cannot be expected.

The innovative approach of Regiogeld mainly consists of implementing a Demurrage (hording fee) according to the Freiwirtschaft theory of Silvio Gesell. This fee is supposed to discourage the hording of the currency and is meant to enable zero-interest borrowing.

Because of the very different goals and market rules of LETSystems as compared to Regiogeld initiatives, one should not confuse one with the other. Therefore the Regiogeld initiatives and members of the Regiogeld e.V. roof organization of the German-speaking countries are listed separately as follows:

Regiogeld-Promoting Organisations, Freiwirtschaft, Time Banks

In contrast to the mostly self-organised LETS Tauschringe the Regiogeld movement regards itself as a network having an umbrella association (see www.regionetzwerk.de) and a supporting network of Freigeld promotors, foundations and development organisations, as listed below.